Friday, December 21, 2007

Send Sock Lovers Right Over!

Well, isn't it high time to tell you about three new sock designs we added to Figheadh last month? I think so!

The first one is the Red Rover Cable Socks. I think the cables look like little elbows linked to play Red Rover, so there ya go! There must be something very European about these, because I've gotten orders for them from Finland and Germany. Who knew?

I used Angora Extra to make these, so they are really just for show, or for bed socks. The yarn is very delicate and fluffy!

I made my first pair with Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Juniper. See?

You can't see the cables nearly as well, but the socks are yummy and entirely wearable! I love this yarn!

I had help from my brilliant tester friend Tracey with this pattern. She made her Red Rovers with Regia.

Here's a back shot. They have a traditional heel flap and gusset and a wedge toe with Kitchener join. Just your basic sock, but with elbows!

Now, on that note, I think I'd better save the other socks for a different post. I kinda went crazy with the pics (I could have done more!)
Sorry to have been away from blogland for so long, but I am home for the holidays, (like which there's no place), so I have more time to post. More to come!


Dawn Brocco said...

That's a really neat sock design, fig!

Knittinreed said...

Great design as usual. Beautifully elegant, Fig!

Rachel said...

Very beautiful sock - great designing, as always!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Off Topic: (Re Princess Mitts)
Love this pattern! Already knit it once. BUT... I don't understand how one "uses" 24 stitches for cable pattern block (17) +K2 +K2P2.
In my world 17 + 2 + 4 = 23. So that happens to that extra "1"? Any clarification would be welcome. Happy designing!

fig said...

Thanks so much, Dawn, Ceci, and Rachel! Thanks so much for stopping by and being your sweet selves.

Thanks to you, too, knitting painter woman. Read the Princess Mitts pattern again. There is a decrease just as the cable begins, reducing it to 17. The decreased stitch is added back after the cable is done. Thanks for your question. Happy Mitting!

(Now I'm off to Long Beach, CA for TNNA tomorrow bright and early, but I promise to post when I get back!!)

Shelly said...

Love those Red Rover socks. I wonder if the European orders are because they have more angora yarns....just off the top of my head. I know they have a commercial angora textile industry centered in Germany, something some of us are trying to create over this side of the pond.