Monday, January 08, 2007

Had Enough?

No, of course, you haven't. Here's some more gorgeous yarn--sock yarn, to be exact. This is the rest of the group I got from yarn4socks (link in last post--NAYY--I just love them).
These two lovelies are getting ready to be sent off as gifts to a couple of people to whom I am wildly grateful. You can tell I love these people or I would never part with some Mountain Colors Bearfoot Pheasant and some Lorna's Laces Tuscany. Yum.
These three ladies, however, are staying right here with me. This will be my first experience with JKnits, Fleece Artist, and Shaeffer Anne.

Yes, I know the Anne is a crazy one, but it was on sale, and after all the raving about this one, I had to try.

I mean, this Anne is a loony--red, orange, and brown. I can't wait to see what the sock looks like that's born from her!

But, alas, I cannot even cake these up until I finish the other 5 pairs on the needles. Obviously, I won't be participating in the "knit from your stash" event. However, I am intrigued by Amie's 2007th Heaven--knit 7 sweaters for yourself in 2007. That ties right in with my vow to put more women's sweaters on the Figheadh site (I only have 2). 2006 was a big year for men's sweaters. Now it's time for the ladies. You see the list of ladies' names in my progress tracker? That's the queue for this year. Here we go!

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Emmalee said...

Hey catching up on your blog today the second day of school. Lots has happened! We need to talk for like five hours! I didn't even know about all that shooting stuff. You have had a CRAZY busy productive year. I hope you are a s proud of yourself as I am of you. I love you. Hopefully the game of tag will end soon. Call me with a good time to talk.