Friday, October 13, 2006

Sew Crafty Part Deux

Okay, more crafts! Gosh, blogger let me get away with major photo-loading this time. What's up?
Good old filet crochet...

...some counted cross stitch on a sweatshirt for Natalie when she was a wee tot.

The barest of beginning of a crochet blankie. I really wish I could finish this...I think it would be pretty. I still have all the yarn for it.

We'll see.

Oh, and you know there's some knitting in this bunch!

A jacquard sweater--the whole back done! And I still have the pattern for it in an old (1986!) Fancy That magazine. Anyone have any of these lying around? It was a Taxi Publishing mag.

Anyway, this was to be a cardigan for my oldest when she was about 6, and now she's 26! Sheesh.

This one I do not have the pattern for any longer, apparently. A beautiful little vest with some wool/mohair yarn in rose. I examined the back and determined the stitch count & stitch pattern and started a front for the poor thing. I think I got it pretty close. It was supposed to be a button-up, if I remember correctly (because this is also from the 80's!), but I am going to make it a round, scoopy neck--no buttons. That way, if it's a tad too small for me now, I can still wear it.

And last, but certainly not least, a little 1 x 1 rib scarf I am determined to finish. It is fingering weight wool on size 0 needles. The ones I had it on were old Susan Bates aluminum, bent pitifully, so I put it on the only other 0's I had--a couple of Skacel steel dpn's. Poked the thingys on the end and here I go!

I have carried this stuff around for 20 some odd years, through four moves and all of life's changes, but still they all wait--never changing, always ready for me to pick them back up and pay them some attention. This is not all, either. I just figured I'd better stop and give you a break.

I had fun, how 'bout you? Uh-oh, I hear that dumb cheer...but more like, "I got crafts, how 'bout you?" Hmmm?

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twig said...

20 year old projects? That gives new meaning to UFO.