Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Teek, not Tink (sigh)

Well, I kept that "little fellow" up long enough to get a response from 2 of my daughters, even though none of the rest of you seem to know him. Let me enlighten...

Here is the
answer to the qeury, and one reason I chose my yahoo ID. I always thought Teek's name was Tink. My girls and I spent a lot of time with the Ewoks back on VHS before captioning. Thus my confusion. (I keep the captions on with all movie and TV viewing, owing to a slight hearing loss I've had since my mid-30's.) We all thought he was Tink until now!

That's okay, I keep my moniker--tink, for it is to knit backward, as you well know, my friends. I find myself needing this skill often. It's the only way I can safely undo lace, among other things. Sometimes you can't just frog--you gotta tink!

Tink on!

Tink about it!

Tink globally, knit locally.

I tink I'd better stop!

Here's some better topics.

y Five Years to me and the Fred last Saturday!
There we are 5 years ago getting hitched in a rose garden. We were actually friends (only friends) in high school. We each had one other marriage in our twenties before spending considerable years alone before we "remet" after not seeing one another for 26 years!! Yeah, it's "a sorta fairytale" with nods to
Tori. Those years in between formed each of us into much more suitable partners for one another and here we are! Happy as clams!

Also, happy very good news to my youngest daughter (the recent UGA grad) who may actually be reading my blog and posting comments now that she will be able to afford better than dial-up! That's all I'd better say, cuz she will want to tell other family members herself!

On the knitting front, I am spending my whole days with cakes of freshly-wound Cascade Eco Wool this week. I can't say more, but you should see it in publication by November! Woohoo!

Happy Day to you! Thanks for visiting!

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Happy Anniversary!