Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Goodies #8

I know...I've been reprimanded. Even Blogger is mad at me--it almost didn't let me sign in this morning. Here's the deal.

1. Technology fast, of sorts.
2. Lots of knitting to do.
3. Lots of unshowable knitting to do, so I can't post pictures!

Of the things I can't show, I've knit three scarves, a pair of fingerless mitts & matching headband, one whole pair of socks (one almost totally done before deciding it wasn't working and ripping it) and three sock samples (two of which will get their mates--working on one now), and a slew* of swatches!

*Neat thing--I just found out that this word, which I've always used, is from Irish Gaelic! Also spelled slue, it is from sluag.

Anyway, I hope to have something to show soon. Until then, here are some links!

First, did you know about Bookcrossing? I haven't done it yet, but you might wish.

Do you love Kona coffee--well, here's where to get the best.

Of course, some knitting links...

Make your own sock blockers (and save $25!)

Speaking of socks (and I do a LOT, huh?), here's a whole slew (sorry--word of the day) of sock links.

Oh my goodness, look what I just found. Yarnaholics Confessions! Okay, I'm gonna go look at that one more myself!

Have a good Monday, all! And even though I don't deserve it for being so absent--how 'bout a hello from someone???? Thanks...Tapadh Leat.

See ya real soon!

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