Friday, May 19, 2006


This past weekend we were in Athens, GA, to see my youngest daughter graduate cum laude with an art degree from the University of Georgia! Yea!

See her? We couldn't either. There are over 3000 grads down there sitting "between the hedges". Each school stood up and had its collective degree conferred upon it. Of course the school of Arts & Sciences was the largest and takes up more than the entire middle section.

Some of the grads decorated the tops of their mortar boards in order to be easily spotted, but whaddya think the art students did? Not much. You would think that they would have seen that hat as a canvas and had a party on it--no. Also, the cell phones weren't connecting calls, so we couldn't even talk during the almost three-hour ceremony. Lovely day, though. We're very proud!

The real party was the previous evening, when the design students presented their senior exit show. Here's Natalie's showing of the wellness center she designed. Amazing. She did the background photography and of course the round parts show the floor plans, elevations, renderings, etc. Now somebody just needs to build the thing--it would be a wonderful place to be healthy!

On Mother's Day, we made a grand tour. First, to Montgomery to see Fred's parents, then to my middle daughter's nearby to see the newest member of the family, then back to Suwanee, GA to see my mom.

I present to you...Declan! He's a champ! Look at him!

That's Fred holding him, but I got to hold him the most--like, hours. He never fussed. Just a content little guy.

I tried to get a picture of his big brother, Preston, but he was not in a photogenic mood.


He's thinking, "Leave me alone, I'm trying to watch Stuart Little, okay?"

Okay, see why I had to brag? Knitting next time.


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