Figheadh Pattern Updates: Round One

Some of my Figheadh patterns are now 14 years old, most have only had a minor tweak or two, and so I decided that before I released any more new patterns, I should gloss up the old ones. I've learned a whole lot in the past 14 years (still learning!) and I need to put more of that into the older patterns so that they can be as good as the newer ones. It also helps me sleep better at night. Once I've done a pattern update, it makes me smile even bigger when someone buys that better pattern.

Here's a list of the updated patterns so far, with links:

(my first sweater pattern!)

Whew! That's 18 patterns and one collection updated since June. My tech editor and I have been busy! That's not all, folks. I plan to at least add new charts and better language to almost all the patterns published between 2005 and about 2015. Some of these are already updated and a few of the others left to go have had/will have new sizing and more instruction, which is why they sometimes need new tech editing. Hats off to Tracey Davidson, who's been working with me for the whole 14 years--first as a test knitter, and then later as a tech editor.
She's the best!

Wow, that's two posts in a row with no pictures.
I'll remedy that next time!


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