Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Show Us Your Bavarian Mitts!

Figheadh is my most well-known pattern line, but I have another one!

It (so far) hasn't gotten as much love as Figheadh does, and it's not clear why. Same designer, same pattern writer, same care for tech editing and testing, but the Mirth patterns have a different format than do the Figheadh ones, because I wanted to play. There's even a free one to try out. Check it out!

Anyway...that's probably why there have been only two projects posted on Ravelry of the Bavarian Mitts, our September Mirth Pattern of the Month. And they're both lovely.

photo credit: emilysmom
How fuzzy and cozy do these Bavarian Mitts look? It's because she used Ravenwood Cashmere to make them. This is the yarn that I designed them for, and trust me, it's divine. Watch this space for more 3-ply to come available.

photo credit: fiddlehead
So pretty! Mindy used Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool Fine in garnet to make these Bavarian Mitts. It makes the stitch pattern so crisp!

I hope you'll try some Bavarian Mitts, no matter which fingering-weight yarn you choose. The pattern is 30% off until the end of September!

Happy Knitting!


Rosie Fujita said...

Hello, I just bought your pattern, my daughter and I were at a LYS & she fell in love with these mitts. It's my first time doing this type of stitch, do you have any advice?

Jen Hagan said...

Hi Rosie! Thanks for your comment. You've probably already completed the project by now, but I hope you were able to see that the stitches are pretty easy to work, even though they look hard. Some places in the stitch pattern may feel tight when you're working them, especially the 2/2 RTC and 2/2 LTC, but will ease on out with blocking. It can also be hard to remember to knit into the back of those twisted stitches every single round, but the results are so pretty. I hope you had/will have an easy time of it!