Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Brackenhill Shawlette Complete!

Holla! Freshly unpinned from the blocking board, I give own Brackenhill Shawlette worked in Ravenwood Cashmere!

Oh, the softness. Sometimes while knitting the shawl, the spin on the yarn would be so fine that I feared it would break, especially in places where there were yarnovers (intentional holes, for my non-knitting readers) and it seemed that one fine strand had the weight of all that went before. But I know this is just silly, because this yarn, although delicate, is strong. It will serve me for the rest of my life.
I already mentioned the slubs in my last post (I forgot in the last post that this is the official name for these), and they did blend in more when washed and blocked. I kind of like them in there--they lend character. 

The third skein only yielded one little slubby spot near the end of the shawl--entwined in the garter stitch edging. I could see that there were more to come, so while I don't really mind them, I was glad enough when the shawl was complete before reaching those.
I love this shawl. I loved working it. I love the satiny sheen of the fiber--especially once it had its bath and stretching. I even loved finding that one pesky error in the pattern. Now it can be a totally pain-free knit for the next person.
We're seeing a rare bit of sun this morning, which allowed me to snap Brackenhill's glamour shots by the hearth. Her next feat is to wrap my neck in her cozy warmth on this breezy, damp March day.

The corrected version 2 of the Brackenhill Shawlette has been sent out to previous buyers, and now when you buy the pattern, you can be assured that everything works. I hope you'll try it.


La Rue said...

Beautifully designed and executed!!! Looks like it would be luscious to touch!!!

Jen Hagan said...

It's so squishy soft--like a cloud, LaRue! Thank you for the kind words!