Thursday, February 11, 2016

Patch Pockets that Stick!

The following is by no means a complete tutorial, but a technique I have come to love for attaching patch pockets to knits. I have included links to a very reputable site which can help you further.

Charlotte tests out the Adcock
Since the new Figheadh Adcock Aran Cardigan runs in size from little folks to big folks, those pockets need to stay put. I don't use my pockets all that often, but the wee ones are known for putting all manner of treasures into theirs. Let's make sure those trinket-catchers don't come loose!

horizontal seam
Instead of just a hasty whip-stitch method of attaching pockets, I first line up the bottoms and sides where I want the pocket to reside and pin it in place--at least at first. Then I work a invisible horizontal seam across the bottom of the pocket. All this means is that I catch both sides of a body stitch, catch both sides of a corresponding stitch on the pocket, and repeat from right to left until a have worked all the way across to the other corner. Then I draw the yarn end to the inside and weave in later. Also, at this point I remove the positioning pins--they are in my way!

vertical seam, or mattress stitch
For the side seams, I simply work good old mattress stitch (or invisible vertical) from bottom of pocket to top, being careful to line up the two along one vertical column of knit stitches on the sweater body and on the pocket.

Then I work mattress stitch on the other side of the pocket, weave in all the ends, working an extra pass or two at the upper corners (where little hands can stretch and stretch), and there we go! 
Pockets that stick!

All pictures above are knit in Mrs. Crosby Plays Steamer Trunk, which is a sturdy superwash wool yarn. The wonderful color is hand-dyed Golden Butter. 

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