Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Madrona Fiber Arts Festival 2013

We are so fortunate to have the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival right here in town every year. I try to at least pop in to the market every year, and sometimes even take a class or two or go to the banquet. This year, I made a quick trip down on Friday to pick up our banquet tickets while things were relatively quiet and I ended up meeting Sivia Harding. She's a nice lady!

Then it was back down on Saturday afternoon with daughter Natalie and her Jesse for another perusal through the market--we went the full round at least three times!
Here's an Instagram/Picture Frames edited photo of several sneaky shots I snapped of the Madrona Market floor. If you see anyone you know, let them know I included them here. I'm sure they'll be so thrilled. The point is that it was crazy on Saturday. Wall-to-wall wool sniffers!

We saw some lovely wovens in the Just Our Yarns booth, where I picked up a couple of the newer ChiaoGoo red lace circulars, now without the little bend in the shaft. Can't wait to try them! I was also so glad Saturday to bump into my good friend Stormy and to see her son Gryphon and their new little Ember. Last time I saw Stormy was at Knit Fit and she had Tempest (little Ember was still inside hiding out), so now I've had an update on all her offspring! Funny how I always happen upon the best people at fiber gatherings.

Afterward, Natalie and Jesse treated me to a cupcake. Mine in front (and Nat's in back) are strawberry lemonade, and Jesse had a salted caramel on chocolate. Yes, we took Starbucks coffee in to Hello Cupcake and weren't scolded. That's nice.

Saturday evening Fred and I went to the banquet to hear Clara Parkes speak, not knowing which of her adventures she would bless us with. I thought she might talk about her Great White Bale experiment or about how much she loves cashmere or about her wonderful books. Well, she kind of touched on all of that, but the best part about it was getting a sneak peek at her next book. It's different, a good way. I don't think there's a single knitting pattern in it. She even read us a chapter!
It was a sweet evening.
I went back on Sunday to see some more of Clara, give her a present, and to meet friends Andrea and Kristin for lunch. I couldn't resist going back to the market one more time to grab up some Black Water Abbey yarn and see Marilyn and Jennifer womanning the booth. Seriously, going to the BWA booth is the thing I look the most forward to every year at Madrona. When I got this yumminess home, it made my entire yarn room smell fantastically sheepy. I have plans for this and will reveal them very soon.

This year Madrona inspired me so much that I have been waking every morning with new ideas.
If you've never been to Madrona, come on up here next year. It's almost always around Valentine's Day, so we can all show yarn how much we love it.
Hope to see you there next year! 


Caffeine Girl said...

What a fabulous knitting adventure. I am so jealous that you met Clara!

Jen Hagan said...

It was, CG! And I am fortunate to already know Clara--for years now. I am proud to have had three designs in her first book, The Knitter's Book of Yarn, and one in her Knitter's Book of Socks. She is a delight to work with and it's always great to visit with her. I'm so glad she finally got to come to Tacoma and I hope it won't be the last time. :-)