Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I took this picture for you to show my take of goodies from our trip last week. We were waiting for the ferry to take us back to Anacortes from Lopez Island on Saturday morning.

Then I found out about the Norway tragedy.

I had turned on my phone to do a quick check, saw one of my peeps on Instagram post a picture with the caption "thinking about Norway" and then did a search and found out about the horrible thing that happened just the previous day. On Friday while this was all happening Fred and I were lolligagging about in shops at Lopez Village on the island just enjoying a fine day and a sweet life. I found this great yarn spun from the fiber of sheep raised on the island at the Lopez Co-op of Fine Craft Artisans, we grabbed up a loaf of rye bread from Holly B's Bakery, and I found these two cool old books about Norwegian at Maud's Used Books. While waiting for a restaurant to open so we could get some dinner, I perused the books and enjoyed learning a bit of the language and culture of Norway. The cabin we stayed in for four sweet days at Blue Fjord was called the Norway Cabin, complete with wind sock flag of Norway flying out front and a "Velkommen" sign beside the front door. I had no idea how much I needed to be thinking about Norway like all of this had me doing...until Saturday.

Those who lost loved ones in the bomb and the shootings on Friday, July 22, are heavy on my heart. What a senseless waste. It makes me appreciate my life ever more.

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