Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Blame Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest yet? Well, be careful, because it's highly addictive. Since I have been "pinning" I have learned so many tricks and crafty bits I can't keep up with it all, except that Pinterest helps me to do just that. It has inspired me to be more domestic, and I already have strong tendencies in that direction.
For instance, Natalie (daughter 3) and I got together a couple of weeks ago and made flower pins out of old T-shirts. They are awesome!
 When we returned from our trip Saturday, there were raspberries on the table. Nat and Jesse kept a check on things around here while we were gone and left us goodies. So I turned around and made us all raspberry tarts. Just some sweet pastry crust, vanilla pudding and raspberries with honey-raspberry-strawberry glaze. Too yummy.
At Tacoma Boys Tuesday I found a beautiful bunch of kale, so last night I just had to make Massaged Kale Salad, one of my very favorite things, to go with another of my favorite things, Vietnamese Salad Rolls. I cannot show you the salad rolls. I am lousy at rolling them. Must find a tutorial. They look bad, but taste so good!

And then today I am doing a little baking. What does this look like it's going to turn into? Something for a little road trip with Kelli Portland! Can you guess why? Well, it has something to do with knitting for your feet. Hint, hint.

So there's a little taste of Pinterest for you. Put in your request for an invitation if you're not already on. You'll love it!
And I have been working, believe me. This is one reason I needed Pinterest and cooking and crafting and baking so much. After being gone last week I had to jump on the work Monday and Tuesday and whipped up and sent out four different design submissions along with my regular work. One of the regular work things has been this Fundamental Top-Down Women's Cardigan. In the picture you see what must be about the fourth draft of this pattern. Natalie and I are working on it before I send it to Tracey who will beat the bugs right out of it. I am so glad Nat helped me catch some of the most embarrassing of them. I don't mind being stupid in front of my kids--they've seen it before. I like to keep other people a little sheltered from that information, thanks.

In the picture are two new samples I started from the pattern, because the first three did not work. I was winging it before I officially did ALL the math and wrote up the pattern (very dangerous, indeed) and they were ALL destined to turn out about four sizes too big for me. Yes, these two are both for me, me, me. The hand dyed yarn is Schaefer Sandra in Florence Nightingale and the solid is Cascade Ultra Pima. These are two gorgeous yarns so I'm havng fun. On we go!

Now I'm off to wax the car and then bake! Have a terrific weekend--I'll be back Monday with a report on that Portland trip.


pinkundine said...

I'm loving pinterest, but it does keep giving me ideas!

fig said...

Yes, too many to actually acomplish, but I found that to be the case even before Pinterest came along. :-) We have done some of the projects, though. And more to come!