Thursday, February 03, 2011

More BNK

Last fall I got into a sort of hat frenzy by working up four new hat patterns for Figheadh and making a couple of dozen hats in the process. Some are hidden away, because they were just too strange. I have a couple that look like Hobbit helmets. I'll tell you what I am not hiding, though, and that's this hat designed by Woolly Wormhead for Brave New Knits, the Lenina Cap. Boy, what fun. If you get into a hat frenzy, make sure it includes some Woolly. She knows hats.

I was immediately smitten when I saw this hat because of its pieced construction. I liked it even better when I started reading the pattern and saw that it was made with short rows because I need to learn a lot more about how to use them. They just have me kinda stymied.
I chose Malabrigo Merino Worsted (the yarn Woolly used) in Vetiver #607. It's a lovely sage with bits of soft pink. The pieces went very fast.
I joined the sections together as I knit them up, choosing to make the large depth but the medium circumference.

After I finished, I loved how this thing looked before I blocked it, so I had some fun photographing it. Looks like some kind of sea vegetation.

Or a jaunty bowl. But then I blocked it of course so I could wear it, which I love to do. It's so cozy.
You should try one.
Still waiting for some of you to let me know what you've loved knitting lately. I know you're out there...I can hear your needles clicking. Put down your knitting for a second and say hi!


Breean Elyse said...

hello there! i've been snowed in for the past few days in chicago and have been working on some super secret knitting :)

your hat is lovely. i have this book and was thinking about trying that pattern - short rows have me a bit boggled as well

Natalie Servant said...

My problem is that I haven't loved knitting enough lately - I've been spindling instead. I did just do up a little hat that I'm happy with & I'm waiting for new inspiration to make me knit.

aknitontheside said...

Hi, Don't you love Brave New Knits? I've never queued so many patterns from the one book before. I'm working on my Milk Maiden and loving it. I'm not sure I queued Woolly Wormhead's hat but after seeing yours, I'm going to.


Emma said...

I love Wolly's hat designs. I've knitted a couple of them from her first book. I'll have to look for Brave New Knits as the Lenina Cap is fantastic.