Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fig Time

I love figs!
I've been seeing them around for a few weeks, but couldn't buy some. This weekend Fred bought me these lovelies.
So since I love figs, I was very happy when I found out that Gaelic for knitting is figheadh. Yes, even when I learned that it's pronounced fee-yug (saying the last sound way back down in your throat). I knew people would say Fig Head when they saw it. Well, non-Gaelic-speakers would. And that's most people, unfortunately, because Gaelic is just not spoken by enough of us! Ciamar a tha thu? Tha gu math, tapadh leat!

And then pig-headed as I am, I went and named my pattern line Figheadh. So now you know.

Back to figs...the fruit. I first came to be a fig head back when I was a little chick because my Nana had fig trees in her back yard and they were so yummy. Also, everyone I knew made fig preserves and they were soooo delicious with biscuits and butter.

Many long years passed before I got more fig preserves and they came to me from California, of all places. Sweet Julie has figs and makes delicious jams and preserves and marmalades (yes, there's a difference between each of those) and she shared! Sure, I could buy some at the store, but they are never as good as homemade.

Isn't it just about that way with everything?


La Rue said...

I forgot about Nana's fig tree, but my Mama made fig preserves that were out of this world. Of course there is no recipe to pass on, expecially since I am not carrying on the traditions. Skipping a generation is not so bad, is it??? Keep writing!!!

fig said...

I guess Granny's fig preserves were upstaged for me by her plum jelly and pear preserves--those were my favorites. And I prefer figs just straight off the tree.:-)