Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One hat to rule them all

Can you tell I just watched the whole Lord of the Rings marathon of movies? Well, I did. We do it every Thanksgiving weekend. I miss Frodo and Sam and even Gollum/Sméagol. I do not, however, miss the turkey. I can do without turkey for a while now, thanks. so. much.
What I can't get enough of, apparently, is this new Figheadh Fundamental Watch Cap. This makes the tenth in the Fundamentals series--our line of patterns designed for multiple yarn weights and lots of sizes. This pattern is the topper in more ways than one. I put in numbers for sizes premie to XL adult and for six yarn weights from superfine all the way up to super bulky (yeah, a premie hat in super bulky yarn--try it--I challenge ya!)
In the layout above you can see a premie hat in Pagewood Farm St Elias; kids' hats in Noro Kureyon (thanks Shirley!), Schaefer Heather, Hazel Knits DK, and Mini Mochi; and adult hats in Cascade Lana Bambu, Butternut Woolens Homegrown, Noro Kochoran, with the biggest of all in Malabrigo Chunky.

Here's a little taste of mine and Natalie's little bayside photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. She's wearing (L to R) Marr Haven Sport, Butternut Woolens Homegrown, Noro Kochoran, and Cascade Lana Bambu.

I sign off with Nat the wood elf wearing the lovely lavender Marr Haven hat. Headed to the Grey Havens, Nat? Have a nice trip!
Whew! Tired out from tipping my hat (chuckle) to all these wonderful yarn companies. Gotta go now--see ya next time!


The Olson Trio said...

This was a fun pattern to knit up. Did I ever send you a picture of the preemie hat in bulky yarn? If not, let me know!

La Rue said...

The hats are gorgeous and Natalie certainy models them to perfection!! Love that girl and you!!!

Shelly said...

Great hats, all the boys in my life like the watch cap style. I especially like the Homegrown ;)