Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost time

Pretty knitting, yes. (Done by Sue, Shirley, & Betsy, l to r)

Thank goodness I have help in these and more talented people. Maybe it will help me not to lose months of my life like I did in 2008. Not only did a friend have to sell her farm and move to a different state and close her fabulous business (breaking my heart), all without my even having the slightest hint, but I even managed to go a whole 15 months without going to the dentist. I'm a good dental patient! I started wondering lately why it seemed like too long since I'd been to the dentist, and not having gotten that call reminding me, I was afraid I'd missed my appointment. Yeah, I did--in June 2008!

Mercy. Big wake-up calls here. Thanks to Fred, Sonya, Shirley, Bonnie, Beth, Betsy, Meredith, Tracey, Andrea, Sue, Stormy, Terri, and Kelli, I might not lose time this year. I might actually have some time for living in between working. Nice.

I'll be back next post to tell you about the new patterns we released recently. Thanks for stopping by, and take it from me--take time to pay attention to your friends and your health. Life's too short already.

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The Olson Trio said...

When you come up for air (and can stay there for a few minutes), let me know so we can plan a chance to see each other and maybe grab a cuppa coffee.:)