Thursday, February 12, 2009

Glamour Girl

It's been daughter-visit time around here lately. Fred and I were pleased to have Natalie in January and Emily last week here to each spend a week with us.

Emily sweetly posed for me in two recent FO's. First is a pair of my Princess Mitts in Hazel Knits Artisan Lively DK in Plum Glacé. I have a lot more to say about these, but I'll save that for another post of its own.

Here is our lovely Emily in my Cabled Tam from VK Holiday 2008. She wears it well, no? Love the strawberry-red streaks, milady!

...and from the back. Yes, it's a roomy tam, but the pattern warns of its 12" diameter. I read a post from a smart Raveler who adjusted it down a bit by working four sections instead of five. Great idea! Try that if you like a more beret-type hat.

We all had a marvelous time during Emily's week with us. Our visit left me personally with several lump-in-the-throat songs in my head, scrumptious skin care products, a saucy manicure, and the intense urge to dance through town with a crowd of women. Yeah, the Emily does not leave you untouched. A week with her is a reminder of what is joyful and glamourous in life. She's a force, I tell ya! (I love you, honey!)

As I hinted, I'll be back with a post all about how I reworked the Princess Mitts (finally) and about other WIP's and last but not least, six new Figheadh patterns.

Now back to the needles and some softer-than-believable alpaca yarn. I hope you're enjoying your present project as much as I am!

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Emmalee said...

You are too sweet. I love you and loved every moment i was there! You make beautiful things!