Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stylin' Grannies

Well! That's what came in my mailbox today!

Ya know why? 'Cause I have a hat in this book.

You can preorder it here, or wait a month or so and grab one from the book store.

Either way, get one. There are some very cute things in this book!

And speaking of crochet, very soon I want to show you some crochet swatching I've been doing with some very pretty yarns!

I know--I'm a tease. See ya soon!


Kyra said...

Congratulations on having a hat in the book! In addition to quilting, I do enjoy crocheting. Been looking for a business-appropriate skirt to make by crocheting.

Best, Kyra

Dawn Brocco said...

Congratulations, fig! Bet your swatches are lovely!