Monday, January 21, 2008

The Sierra Club and Our Green Man

Our Figheadh Yarnworks logo has just recently undergone a transformation, thanks to the artistic talents of Cindy Moore, The Fitter Knitter! Isn't he gorgeous! A little backstory--I found a little man in George Bain's Celtic Art that supposedly is seen on a stone in Meigle, a Scottish town "situated at the extreme eastern borders of Perthshire, bounded by the rivers Isla and Dean and by the Sidlaw Hills and the mighty Grampian range." (I quote the town's site.) I transformed this merman into a Figheadh man by giving him a fig head and fig leaf feet. He used to look like this, complete with my Celtic border.

You will still see the old Figheadh Man about, but I like the clean lines and simplicity of the new one. He's also now usable in Web format, unlike the old hand-drawn art.

So, in celebration of our new and improved Figheadh Man, I want to make an announcement. If you would like to help us donate to the Sierra Club and get the Figheadh Man out to play, please have a look at our Cafe Press Shop. You'll see that I have affixed Mr. Figheadh to everything from dog T-shirts to coffee mugs, and many of them don't even say "Figheadh Yarnworks," so it wouldn't have to be such blatant advertising!

From now on, for every product purchased in the Cafe Press Figheadh Yarnworks store, all proceeds will go directly to the Sierra Club. In case you aren't familiar with this, here is what they do

"Your support will help the Sierra Club continue its efforts to:
Protect Wild Places and Endangered Species
Fight Pollution in our Water and Air
Ensure a Clean Energy Future
Solve Global Warming
Keep the Pressure on Politicians and Corporations to Ensure Safe and Healthy Communities"

(courtesy Sierra Club Web site)

Thanks for your help in donating to this worthy organization! Have a great day!

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