Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pardon the garden

I promised to show my sprouts, so looky. Since my last post, we went through a period of heavy rains and cool temps, so the plants are doing very well. I have repotted vines in big pots with trellises all ready for them to climb. Lovely! See?

The nasturtiums got moved to a bigger container and are really thriving--but where are the flowers? The reason I love nasturtiums is because the leaves are just as pretty as the flowers, but I want the flowers, too. Time for more plant food, I suppose.

The basil and tithonia I grew from seed are also showing out quite nicely. Gardening is so easy here--anything will grow!

So that's why I asked you to pardon the garden--I had to show off my babies! Now for the yarn babies.

I finished the TLC Cotton Plus socks. You bet I'll be making more of these. They are so comfy.

This is after a machine wash and dry--still good.

That lace panel I showed you has turned into this. I picked up stitches along one long side and fashioned a bodice. It will have little buttons in front at the rib panel, and I plan to work on an edge along the armholes. I haven't decided whether it will have sleeves or not. First, I am going to pick up stitches along the bottom of the rib panel and work down in a similar smaller lace panel so that I can increase in between the panels for the hips. It's just an experiment to try out a little lace top. I probably won't be writing this particular one into a pattern, so I thought I'd show as I go. It's fun!

Of course, I am trying to give it a little attention between writing ten new patterns whose samples have already been knitted. That's what I'm supposed to be doing right now, so I must say Mar Sin Leat, An-Drasta! (Bye for now--I bet you thought I'd forgotten the Gaelic!)


Anonymous said...

oh look at your babies!
Are you done with HP yet?
just kidding (kinda) call me or tell me when to call you somehow I love you and miss you Emily

sue said...

Your plants look so lovely and healthy. I love the bodice you knitted, such a pretty lace pattern too.

Anonymous said...

hello! just a lurker... :) I too love nasturtiums. You might want want to stop feeding them, too much food gives them all those pretty green leaves & no flowers! I learned the hard way! :)