Friday, October 03, 2014

Glentrekker Sneak!

(Can you whisper and shout at the same time? Shousper?)

It's almost time for the release of our newest cardigan pattern and I am so ready to give it to you!



You likey? Well, go to the Sneak Peek page on Ravelry* and download the free PDF with details so you can get your yarn and needles ready to knit this cardigan. 

Before you go and grab that, go ahead and look up there -->
Yeah, in the sidebar where it says "Subscribe to Our Mailing List."
You may as well do it now, because the Sneak Peek is going to tell you that if you do, you'll get a message with a code for 50% off the Figheadh Glentrekker Cardigan pattern for the first week of the release. Aren't you glad I saved you that hop-skip?

Now, the Sneak Peek is also going to tell you to join our Figheadh Fans group and the Bare Naked Wools group so you can get in on both KAL opportunities coming up. This yummy cardigan was made with BNW Breakfast Blend DK. Believe me, you will want to use that yarn for this cardi. Scrumptious.

Hold on a second. For those of you who never heard of Ravelry and can't get in there, I will be back later to add a link to how you can get the Sneak Peek without going to Ravelry. For now, think about joining. You'll be glad you did.
See you soon with more info! 

* I just checked Ravelry, and this page has disappeared. Wow.
Here's another link to get to this document.


Kelli said...

Beautiful! and so is your new hair :)

Jen Hagan said...

Thank you Kelli! Darn, I was gonna surprise you! Talk about a sneak peek, huh?

Alejandra Alejandro said...

Adorable!!! Wow