Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Progress Report

I'm back to check in with progress on the two projects in  my last two posts.
You may recognize this as a sleeve just placed on scrap yarn, wrong side out for secrecy, of course.

And so it is! I revisited the Cascade Sierra for my lace cardigan and took her down two needle sizes. While I don't recommend this, it was a must for me. I believe in this color and this yarn for this cardigan, and I refused to give up. I think it's going to work, but I won't really know until I finish and block it.

As for the boxed spring cover for Malcolm and Lucy, as of this morning I am just past halfway done!
Lucy's is on the left. 

Today promises to be sunny and mild, so I am off for a long walk before plunging into the lower body of that cardigan. I'll give the crochet a rest today--it took almost all of my yesterday. Balance.

I hope your day is nice, too. 

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Anonymous said...

Such lovely colours