Monday, June 10, 2013

Junebug Days 2013 Week Two

First of all, congratulations to Marcia for winning the week one challenge! She has received her prize coupon code for free patterns in my shop!

I had five entrants who got all five answers correct: Sheralynn, Cayenne, Bonnie, Debra, and Marcia. 
Here are the correct answers to the week one challenge:

1. eleven 2. two tsp vanilla 3. Alice and Hurray for Urban Broads 4. kind and friendly 5. various

Now on to week two! Here are your Scavenge Challenge clues. Incidentally, I found all of this by jumping off the great site, Simple Mom.

Funny notes written by kids. Caution: some mature content, but certainly not intended. In his love letter, what did Julian promise to buy his sweetheart?

Play this game--you can pick any area you want by clicking on the box in the left margin. It starts with New England by default.
What was your first wrong answer?  If you got everything correct, you are a rock star and if so, your answer is 
“I am a rock star!”

Click on “the value of rest” in number 3. 
What is the quote included here by Ovid?

Which one is your favorite? Yes, you must pick just one.

Great recipe! If you don’t have a crockpot, at what temp do you set your oven and what’s the max time to leave it there?

Yeah, Blogger format gave me a hard time and I got punchy.
Have fun and I hope to hear some answers from you!
(If you're new to the challenge, here are the specs.)
Have fun browsing.

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