Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Knit Fit One

This past Sunday I had the privilege of teaching at the very first Knit Fit event in Seattle, but specifically, Ballard. My class was on beginner pattern writing and I was graced with some amazing ladies to yammer on to about writing knitting patterns. I got to spend three hours jamming them with info and throwing all sorts of handouts and things at them. And they didn't mind one bit! Not only did they not mind, they seemed to eat it up! It was so comforting to be in a room with other people who want to do the very selective (sometimes lonely) thing that I do. These folks made the class so much fun!

One is missing from this picture (we tried to catch them all before they got away), but here are five of the six stunning designer/pattern authors that took the class--Brooke, Heather, Meghann, Kristin, Jessica, and Nicole. These are some dedicated women. I feel quite certain that they will be putting out great knitting patterns in the very near future and I can't wait to see what they do!

This past weekend was like a mini Knitwear Design college course, because besides my class, there was also a two-part class on The Elements of Hand Knitting Design taught by Andrea Rangel and one on Self-Publishing Your Own Knitting Patterns by Lee Meredith. I think four of the students in my class were taking the whole lineup of classes. That's a ton of great information gathered in just two days.

Hannah and Sasa did a wonderful job of scheduling fun and informative classes, gathering up a gaggle of vendors for setting up a gorgeous market, and having lots of cute swag for us to buy. There was even a very tasty-looking concessions stand that I had to hold back buying from--not junky stuff, but what looked like real food! Imagine that! 

I also did a very good job of resisting buying from all the deliciousness in the market. If I hadn't made a vow to myself to cut way back this year on purchases, I could have warmed up some plastic in here. So many treats of such variety!

The only thing I allowed myself to buy was a remembrance of the day...this little T-shirt and a pin that says, "Wind up at Knit Fit." I hope this happens every year and I hope I wind up there, because there's always room for more ways for fiber lovers to meet up and have fun, right?

Thanks go to Sasa Foster and Hannah Ingalls and all the volunteers for all your hard work. 
I think you can claim it a rounding success! 


fig said...

I think it was Heather that was missing from the picture. Hey, Heather, where'd ya go?

Caffeine Girl said...

It sounds like an awesome event! And I admire your self-control at the market. It ain't easy!

Andrea Rangel said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I love how a few students took all three design coursed. We sure had a wonderful group of folks! I'm definitely looking forward to next year.

fig said...

You're welcome, Andrea! Me too, and maybe we'll see each other next time! ;-)