Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday FO #7: Chocolate Wanda!

 Exactly two weeks ago I left you with my goal of finishing my most recent Wanda Nell Cardigan in time to wear it for New Year's Day. I didn't make it, but I did finish it this past Tuesday. I had the knitting done by last Friday when it looked like this.
Then I blocked it Saturday and on Monday I made some little crocheted flowers with the Schaefer Nichole in Julia Child to grace the bodice and to balance out my decision to work the button bands, buttonhole bands, and collar in the darker Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Chocolatier, these being the two sock yarns I alternated every two rounds to make her. As predicted, these two yarns made best friends!
Here she is, all blocked out and finished and ready for wearing...

...first by Hilda and then by me. I wore Wanda all day yesterday and seriously wanted to wear her to bed. I wish I could wear her every day, but I don't want her to wear out too soon. I want her to stick around a long, long time.

Can you tell I love this sweater? If sock yarn is made exactly to make your feet comfortable, what do you think it does for your body? So comfortable and it fits me even better than it fits Hilda--it's a little roomy on her. She has scant hips, as you can see.

Here are my modifications on this Wanda:

1/1 rib on all edges instead of 2/2 as directed in the pattern
(I wanted to work the 1/1 rib invisible BO.)

Long sleeves instead of elbow-length as directed in the pattern
(I simply measured my wrist circumference and added one inch and then multiplied that number by the stitch gauge, then subtracted the result of that from the number on the needles at the beginning of the sleeve and then divided that number by 2. Then I multiplied 18 by the row gauge so that my sleeve would measure 18" from underarm to cuff. Then I subtracted seven inches from that, because I wanted to make the cuff deeply ribbed and did not want to work decreases after the rib started. This gave me the number of rounds I had to work the decreases. I multiplied that number by my number of necessary paired decreases and that gave me my decrease frequency.)

I made the hem rib deeper also--approximately two inches total.

That's it!

I worked buttonholes only on the left band and then whip-stitched some satin ribbon to the back of the button band to give it some support for attaching all 14 buttons. Because I made this one a little longer, it ended up needing a couple more buttons. I also like putting lots of buttons on this sweater so the bands won't gap open.

I look forward to wearing this all year--right now with warm dress pants under my winter coat, come spring over a cami and with a pair of jeans or khakis, in summer over a little airy dress, and in fall with a cami and skirt, tights and boots. Of course, I'll alternate with the other Wanda Nell I have on the needles in brighter colors. I'll show you the progress on that one soon!

Enjoy your weekend. Knit something!


Pumpkin said...

That is a perfect cardigan. The buttons are perfect, the yarn choice is perfect, and the flowers are perfect. It looks great and I cannot wait to see how the other one is going!

fig said...

Thank you Pumpkin! It certainly is my favorite of all the many I have made so far. Yum.

pinkundine said...

Gorgeous! Love the colour combination. I'm in awe of anyone who can make a garment out of sock yarn, I don't think I have the patience! DK is about my limit, and even then I get sick of it well before the end ;)

fig said...

Pink, you would be surprised at how fast it goes. It is worked on size 4 needles, so looser than sock knitting gauge, but somehow it makes the perfect sweater gauge. It's a mystery and it's magic! Alternating skeins makes it interesting, too.

The Sewing Loft said...

Love this sweater! You did a beautiful job on it. :)

fig said...

Thank you so much!

Keri said...

Wonderful cardi! You can wear that with pride.