Tuesday, December 06, 2011

December's Here!

Yes, I know it's been here for five whole days, but I am just now blogging it. I wish I could mind-meld with my computer because I do  posts in my head almost every day! Most days, though, I have to make myself stay off the laptop so I can actually accomplish something--darned timesucker techno-thingy! And lately there have been gifty knits on top of the regular knits, so time gets gobbled up even more. Sound familiar?

I have also been allowing myself days here and there, usually with my daughter Natalie, to dabble with other crafts--it broadens the senses. Any time is a good time for craftiness, but the holidays just beg for it. Last week's craft day I made paper snowflakes while Natalie sewed little snack bags. I'll try to get a picture of those next time she makes some. They're so cute!
I can show you my snowflakes, though.You should try this if you have these coffee filters lying around but no longer use them (like us--after the death of the fourth coffee maker, we now use a French press). Just flatten some out with a warm iron, fold each one in half and then again and again as many times as you can and start cutting out parts. Have fun with it. I stuck these to the windows with a glue stick. I tried starch, but they fell down. Natalie assures me I will be able to widget them off easily when I'm tired of them being there. I love them!
Today I am wrapping presents. I have not actually bought wrapping supplies for years now, but prefer to use materials that can either be recycled, are reused, or that would normally be thrown in the trash. That's no problem with plenty of newspaper, paper bags, cardboard, string (and yarn!), some rubber stamps, hole punchers, and maybe some fancy scissors around.
I made these gift tags from a beer six-pack holder.
I think it all looks even prettier under the tree than that shiny, expensive stuff.
And to give the house a holiday aroma, I made some granola. Here's my favorite recipe. I use dried cranberries instead of raisins and I usually half the recipe and store it in a Mason jar once it's cooled. My favorite way to eat it is with a little fat-free milk in a bowl. It's also yummy with fat-free plain yogurt and a little maple syrup. Healthier than oatmeal cookies, but just as delicious!

Next time I'll be back to show you a very special pair of socks and have a book talk. In the meantime, make some granola for yourself. You deserve it!

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