Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Deal for You

Sherrod #2266
Modeled by Skyler
We just got done with such a major pattern update that I want you, dear blog reader, to have the upgrade free. If you hurry, that is.
I tried something a little different with my Sherrod sweater pattern in the original version. Being constrained by my charting program, I have always had to put a certain limited size chart in my patterns. The Sherrod has three different cables, all of which appear on the front of the sweater and only one on the back. For the front cables, I put in pages with all the charts, some flipped horizontally, thinking knitters would want to copy just those pages and piece the charts together according to size and stitch pattern sequence.
Too much work!

I had already realized that I needed to redo Mr. Sherrod (named after my husband--it's his middle name passed down from his paternal grandfather) when I got a very nice e-mail from Sue, who is knitting a sample for the wonderful Black Water Abbey Yarns. She found an error, you see, the fix of which may now be seen in our errata. After taking a deep look at the pattern, I found more details that needed improvement, so I asked Meredith and Tracey for their help and bang! we had an upgrade.

Here's the deal. If you bought a copy of the original Sherrod pattern, just take it out of the sheet protector, fold it up, and put it in a #10 envelope. Mail it to me at P.O. Box 6982, Tacoma, WA 98417, with your return address clearly marked, and I will send you the new pattern--sheet protected and all.

As you might understand, I cannot replace all 100+ patterns that have been bought, but I can do 50. After that, the deal's off.

Hurry for your free Sherrod upgrade!

Happy Knitting!

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Kristi said...

What a lovely design!!