Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Private Saguache

...because that's the #1 UFO Hot Spot! This place must be in the top ten, though, cuz I gotta lotta!

Here are just a few: Meet Iain, Jr.! This is a little size 8 Iain in Eco Wool I was trying to finish for our next photo shoot. Don't think I'm gonna make it! I split the Iain into two patterns because when I got done adding sizes it had ten. With all the charts and cables involved, I did not want ten sizes in one pattern (and you didn't either). The Jr. will be sizes 8-16, and the Iain will be sizes S-XXL.
And then there's some crochet. No, it's not a bowl, it's a Hipster Bag--one skein up with Cotton Rich.
...and here on my lively hand models is one and a tinch of some Lombard Street gloves in Heritage...

...and the last one to show is a Bulky Watch Cap & Crocheted Scarf in progress using Cascade 128.
Well, it's obvious what I need to go and do!
I hope you're having just as much fun with your UFO's*!
*unfinished objects for the benefit of my non-yarny relatives!


Rachel said...

Ooo, I just LOVE that child's sweater pattern! Finish it, finish it, lol!

The sister said...

Thanks for defining UFO - couldn't figure it out. Everything looks great. LOVE the Iain!! Good luck on finishing! L