Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Put a Sock in It! your yarn basket..yeah, that's all I meant. Mmmhmmm.

I am doing a new sample of my Zigzag Sock with Lavendar Sheep's beautiful sock yarn and I couldn't wait to show you!

I know! Isn't it pretty? I love the colors and the yarn is so sweet--delicate yet strong. It's making a very comfy fabric.

I also wanted to show you that my experiment with TLC Cotton Plus is working out just as I had wished, except for the heel. We hates it, we do.

I tried the short-row heel in PGR's Dream Socks and I do not like--too chunky and all. I have to do the other one the same now because I was stubborn and kept on going. Chuh.

Oh, and I wanted a thick, honkin' sock just like this. I used to have a pair of white cotton socks that were too big and thick. I would wear them padding around the house--not with shoes. The next pair like this is going to be even bigger in the foot. Ahhhh. Enticed, relatives? Would you wear socks like theses?

And just what is this long panel of Moss Diamond Lace for, anyway, you may ask?

All shall be revealed...all in good time, my pretty!

On the home front, we proved that we are not true Tacomans (what, men who make/eat tacos?) by shirking the new Narrows Bridge festivities this past Sunday. Instead, we went to see Harry! The Order of the Phoenix was so incredible. If you just go in expecting that about half of the story will not be addressed, you'll have no problems with it. It was absolutely delightful. What parts were included were taken time with and fully explored, which is much better than frantically attempting to cram everything into one movie. I didn't quite get done with my second reading of the book before we saw the movie, but that's okay. I''ll tell you what else--I am not touching the Deathly Hallows until I finish this one and read The Half-Blood Prince again. Slowly and gleefully, I might add. I am turning my head to most media for the next couple of months. No spoilers will get to me!

Next time, I'll show you my little seedling garden (everything's actually sprouting) and more knitting, of course!

Happy Hump Day!


twig said...

I was born in Alabama, does that make me relative enough to say I'm enticed?

Knittinreed said...

Love the color and edge on your ZigZag sock! Hmmmmm - what IS that panel for?!

Lavendersheep said...

Wow! The zigzag sock looks awesome. I just love seeing my yarn knit up to see how the colors turn out. Unfortunately I don't have time to knit all of them up myself. I am really impressed with how it is turning out. Your pattern is gorgeous too.

Shelly said...

Fabulous work, especially love Wiggles, glad to have discovered your site.